Regional Manager

About Heath

Heath Hall was a leading financial advisor and lender by the time he founded the Heath B. Hall financing solutions in 1994. He started helping friends at the time to have their own dream houses, which he later found himself giving pieces of advice from couples to make better decisions in getting a house loan, Heath provide and enable easy loan in Florida, friendly communication that comes with an easy understanding of terms of each loan. As a swift driven lender with a clear vision of helping people to have their own houses most especially in Clearwater and neighboring states, he pledges to innovate the lending community by using his skills and his knowledge to make it possible that every loan will be an easy access and easy to secure, thus making everyone’s life easy, this enables clients to communicate with confidence. A cost-effective way for an evolving loan needs. 


Heath operates with consumer’s satisfaction “Making it Possible” as he said, supporting borrowers and industry partners.

Mission & Purpose

Heath simplified his mission and vision by helping you develop and implement a loan plan based on your needs, empowering respective clients to make unified and informed decisions, though an educated and service oriented communications to exceed client’s expectations, he knows that trust is important in settling any investments. He values personal relationships with every customer.

Personal Life

Born May 1973, Heath B. Hall is a Florida native and attended college obtaining his degree.  Heath got married in 2005 and started his Career in Mortgages in 2013.