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How you can stay satisfied with your home loan?

Many Home loans take a very long time to pay off – the industry standard is 30 years, and plenty can change over that amount of time - life events, career changes, interest rate changes. Many people are losing confidence in the typical "4 big banks" which is now causing home loan customer satisfaction to drop significantly since last year. Thankfully, however, there are now many alternatives to having to turn to those banks. Mortgages can come from all sorts of different lenders, and a mortgage adviser can help you find them.

So how can we help you stay satisfied with your home loan?

Start how you'd like to finish

People often stick with their previous lenders or current bank when it comes to a home loan, and that may be okay, however, many people don’t seem to realize that the credit market is a very competitive one. Mortgage advisers exist to ensure that you get as many options as possible. Start as you'd like to finish with your home loan – go to a mortgage adviser and get the full story so you know what to expect later on down the line.

Refinance when needed

Good credit is a valuable commodity when negotiating a better rate.

Having good credit can lower your interest rate through refinancing your loan. If ever you need to access the equity in your home, you'll have an opportunity to see what other lenders can offer you for being a good customer.

In conclusion, if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your loan, contact me, Heath B. Hall, and see how you can improve your situation!

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